With my sister Julia after her practice - she's going to be a Superstar!
I also trained with my travel and STA soccer friends on Jersey Blues Select.
Kickin' Back on Spring Break
April 2015
214 Juggles, April 26, 2015
91 Juggles - Achieving the Gold  Badge for the STA Juggling Challenge, March 22, 2015
335 Juggles, May 22, 2015
Beginning of Memorial Day Weekend - no games or practice this weekend, so I'm on my own, working on skills

379 Juggles, June 3, 2015
Got a leg injury last week, so I've been taking it easy this week, focusing on light skills like juggling.

Couldn't play with my injury but came to support the team.
2015 Jersey Blues U11 MVP
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Happy New Year Juggling Video, January 1, 2015
Whistle While You Juggle - 147 juggles in 1 min!
For the STA Speed Juggling Challenge
884 Juggles! September 19, 2015
I could have kept going but my phone dropped from my waist band into the back of my leggings!

Three Points! 
For a while, Ivivva was having me do freestyling videos for their marketing and in return they gave my team free publicity and me free stuff like this nice tank top and shorts.  We accidentally shot this video on slo-mo but it turned out to have a cool effect! 
Quirky Music but Good Moves
Took this video by hanging my iPhone from the top of the basketball net.  I chose some random music from VideoShop -- isn't it quirky?  I thought I put together some good moves, though.   
Kicking off Some Freestyle Passing with a Cool Trick
Got my friend to freestyle and now look at her!  I don't think I've seen anyone else do my first trick!  Glad we were able to string it together with some more tricks. 
Recent one showing off my USA National Team Spirit and ECNL Shorts!
After taking a little break from freestyling it all came back like riding a bike!  Cool camera angle.  Hung the camera at the top of the front door on a hook we use for dry cleaning.  I love how the USA logo is up front on this video while I freestyle.
Contest Winning Freestyle Video
I won my family four tickets to a Bayern Munich game with this freestyle video for Next Gen USA.  Thank you Next Gen!   
Mixing Up Different Styles of "Around the World" Moves
I thought I would fly my Match Fit colors in this mix of "Round the World" moves.  I did them in my rebounder in our sunroom, which is great when it's cold or raining outside!