Splitting 2 Defenders to Score Against Match Fit, May 1, 2016
I was playing against Match Fit - the club I had just committed to join in the fall, so I was glad to have an opportunity to show my stuff.

More to Come! 
Bringing my webpage up to date from 2 years ago as fast as I can for ECNL Florida!!

Nailed the PK Just Below Cross Bar in Match Fit v. Cont. FC, September 18, 2016
I usually like to go low and in the corner, but I just let this one rip!

Tying goal in 1-1 game against PDA, April 24, 2016
In this night game against PDA, I tied the game with this rebound goal off the keeper.  The game ended 1-1.  You can tell this game was important to the parents - the crowd went crazy!